Degree Apprentice Software Engineer

Camberley, England, United Kingdom


The Company

Memiah is on a mission to create a healthier, happier society by nurturing ideas, promoting positive mental and physical health and bringing people together. We operate a network of websites to help connect individuals with professionals in areas such as counselling, life coaching, therapy and nutrition. We have over 21,000 members and pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service.

We have also recently launched Happiful Magazine, a monthly wellness publication looking to reduce the stigma around mental health and are currently working on a happiful mobile app which will be a hub for happiness that brings all our users, stories and professionals together.

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The Role

We are now looking for 2 Degree Apprentice Software Engineers to join our team. A degree apprenticeship is a fantastic opportunity to gain a full BSc (Honours) Degree in Digital and Technology Solutions, whilst working in a real office environment, gaining experience and an income at the same time.

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We offer the following benefits:

* £22k per year benefit compared to full time university is calculated as follows: University tuition fees are covered by ourselves and/or the government, therefore on a 4 year apprenticeship the saving would be £6,750 p.a in fees alone. A gross salary of £18,000 results in net pay of £15,521.48 p.a in the 2017/18 tax year. Therefore the total benefit for the year would be (27,000/4)+15,521.48 = £22,271.48

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